Waterproofing is a very silent task, but it has huge upsides especially during the rainy season. The total cost of waterproofing a house is negligible but not doing it can cause a whole lot of structural damage to the house. Waterproofing solution is essential to protect against water related issues such as leakage, fungus etc. Back in the days, waterproofing solutions were not as advanced, but they used to get the job done. Some of the common waterproofing techniques were polyurethane based, bituminous, and metallic sheets.


Nobody minds a few ants in their home. But when the infestation goes out of control and termites, mice, bed bugs along with ants attack your home, that isn’t a sight any homeowner would like to witness. If it’s just a few ants or a mouse, you would simply grab an insect spray or set traps for the mouse. Sure, these solutions are handy and they work, but they don’t treat the root cause. Here are some common mistakes that homeowners make when they find pests:


Every house has wood in the form of furniture, closets, cabinets etc. and termites is the worst nightmare of people when it comes to longevity of wooden products. Termite is one of the most common pest issues especially during the rainy season. Termites can potentially damage the structural integrity of the house and so owners spend as much as they can to make their house termite proof. Contact now for best pest control services in Delhi NCR

How to control mice?

Mice are dreadful creatures for several reasons. They are a nuisance, create the mess, and bite things into pieces in a fraction of minutes. Sometimes, it can be your clothes, sometimes your essential documents and the extent of damage that they can do is beyond your thought. Hence, getting rid of these troublesome creatures becomes the prior concern of every homeowner.

How do I get rid of Insects and Bugs from the House?

“How to get rid of insects?” It must be a common question that must be inhibiting the minds of several households. Those tiny pests around the house and kitchen is an element of menace. Notably, the kitchen is one of those areas of the home that should be clean always for several reasons. Firstly, it is a place where daily food is cooked, and a sterile kitchenette environment is essential for making it a decent place to prepare and serve food. Secondly, it is a storage place for many dry kitchen ingredients that may get damaged due to the infestation of insects.

Top 6 Pest Control Tips For Home Apartments

Bugs, rodents, and insects are scary creatures, isn’t it?

What if they enter your house?

Without a doubt, it’s bothering as these problem creatures can be a great nuisance.

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