How to control mice?

How to control mice?

Mice are dreadful creatures for several reasons. They are a nuisance, create the mess, and bite things into pieces in a fraction of minutes. Sometimes, it can be your clothes, sometimes your essential documents and the extent of damage that they can do is beyond your thought. Hence, getting rid of these troublesome creatures becomes the prior concern of every homeowner.

The article highlights the practical tips on how to control mice infestation at home.

Traditional mousetrap without causing its death – This age-old tradition of trapping mice is not only useful but is cheap also. Though, it is not a permanent solution if the mouse infestation in the house is massive in number. But for a few of the troublemakers, it will work wonders.

A trap here is created by fixing the one end of the hook in the metal mesh and placing a loaf of bread on the other. As soon as the mouse enters the trap to pull the food, the trap gets closed from the other end. Once, the rodent gets tricked, it’s your turn to leave it far away from the residential areas. Indeed! It is one of the most popular ways to get rid of mice at home as a lot of us find it convenient.

Snap Trap – It is a trap that releases a compressed bar in high velocity and grabs the spine of a mouse by killing it instantly. You need to place some food on the operating lever for it to work in the desired manner.

Sticky traps – These are efficient, yet ineffective. The mouse here gets trapped in a sticky surface and cannot move from that area. Hence, they don’t die but get almost immobile and restless. It is instead a brutal method to trick them as they find it impossible to move and don’t even die. At times, some of the vermins chew their feet to get over it. Often, the person who makes use of the trap has to kill the mice to let them get rid of the treacherous condition.

A cat may solve your problem – Releasing a Tom for your Jerry at home is a foolproof way to get rid of the murines. Cats are well-aware of their target and can easily locate them and kill them instantly. To make it an effective deal, just follow a simple tip. Do not offer a day’s food to the cat so that it makes every possible effort to find its prey. Obviously, you don’t need to get one in your home as a pet. You can always borrow a cat to offer its pest control service to you. You will find your home free of mice in a short period of time.

Rat Poison – Just put this poisonous powder in a food mix and prepare beads and keep them in different areas of the house. Once the rat gets attracted to the blob, it will eat it and die instantly. Beware! It is not a recommended solution if there are kids and pets at your home. Consider this method with utmost caution for it to work effectively.

Though, rat poisons are banned in many countries because it has been a cause of the death of several pets and has affected the wildlife in a negative context. Hence, making use of this poison may cause further trouble for you.

Cover holes and shingles – Indeed! Holes and shingles are the possible routes for the termites to enter your place. Get them sealed for keeping the rats at bay.

Close the food sources – Please do not leave your food in the open areas as mice tend to get attracted to it and make your home their permanent place of residence.

A professional exterminator as the last choice – These companies make use of commercial poisons to kill rats and are trained to manage the work with utmost caution. They also make use of innovative ideas like the one-way routes for the rodents to exit, but not to re-enter.

I hope the article clears your perspective on how to control mice growth in one’s home. Just try a few of the above methods for foolproof results.


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