One Stop Solution For All Pest Related Problems

Anti Termite Treatment

Termite is the species who are known for destroying furniture and all type of wooden structures, packing materials & papers etc. With the help of technical experts RCPC has developed very successful multiple type of anti termite treatments and it is one of the company who is known for finishing such problems from its root cause..

Integrated / General Pest Control Treatment

Under the integrated pest management we provide solutions or AMC to control different types of pests such as mosquitoes, rats, flies, spiders, crawling insects, cockroaches with the use of eco-friendly, odourless &WHO approved chemicals 

Cockroaches Control Treatment

Usually there are four main species of cockroaches like German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches & oriental cockroaches. who contaminates the food and spread salmonella bacteria which cause diseases like food poisoning and typhoid. RCPC has specialized gel and spray solution to control all types of cockroaches.

Rat, Rodent & Mices Control Treatement

Rats are one of the most common pests found at every place and it is known for spreading the deadly diseases and moreover for destroying food products, wires, electronics, cloths etc. We have a wide range of solutions like glue trap, rodda boxes, tablets, cakes etc which we use as per customer requirements.

Wood Borer Control Treatment

Wood borer is the insect from the family of beetles which start to eat the wood from its larval stages only and they are one of the biggest problem for wooden industry, they also can be found in grains. We have a specialised solutions with proven results to control them in effective way.

Bed Bug Control Treatment

Bedbugs are the insects found in the sleeping bed, who comes out during the night time and live by sucking the blood of human body and leave biting marks which creates severe itching, skin irritation and rashes problems. RCPC has specialized chemical treatment to kill the bedbugs, which can be directly use on cloths, bedsheets, mattress, pillow & doesn't require any type of cleaning after treatment.

All Rainy Insects Control Treatment

There are some dangerous insects like red ant, paper wasp, mosquito, spider, carpenter ant, centipedes, scorpions, water bug, caterpillar, leaf insect, earthworm, praying mantis, milipedes, giant hornet, cicadas, stick insect, mupli beetle, painted grasshoppers latydids, mango stem borer etc which comes out during rainy season who are known for sharp biting and also for killing human . We have come up with the customized solutions to kill and control such types of seasonal insects.

Silverfish Control Treatment

silverfish is a type of bug who lives in highly humid area like attics, sinks, bathtubs, kitchens, showers, closets and in darker areas. They survive by eating all type of fibres, cloths and leather. RCPC is capable enough to deal with such type of bugs with the specialized spray treatment.

Waterproofing & Leakproofing Treatment

Every person somewhere in his home/ offices/ factories/ building sturctures/ basements/ walls etc is facing the problem of leakage or damp which  highly effects the constructed area and damage them  badly by making them weaker. It mostly seen at roof,terrace, tanks, bathroom cracks,wall & joints. We have a special team of experts to provide guaranted solutions for all type of leakage & damp problems in a effective way.