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Pest Control Services in Delhi 

Say goodbye to the last bug

RC Pest Control offers a wide range of services with the most cost-effective solution to remove the bugs. Whether it your home or the workplace, you can never be sure of deadly pests around you; however, we make sure that your surroundings stay hygenic and provide 100% protection from the fatal pests. RC Pest Control adopts new and unconventional methods to treat the pests. We provide reliable and on time service to our clients with only eco friendly and approved chemical pest control. With the most experienced team providing pest control service in Delhi, we have integrated the pest control management skills. It will be hard for the clients to find a pest control agency in West Delhi, as authentic as RC Pest Control. 

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More than 999+ Satisfied Clients since 1999

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Professional Experts

We provide professional experts at your doorstep, whether you are availing pest control service for home or your organisation. The professionals here have a clear understanding of the use of such chemicals.

20+ year experience

We have been working in the same sphere since more than two decades now and we aim to grow higher in the same field. Our aim to make the best of the chemicals and reduce the number of fatal diseases caused by pests. 

999+ clients

Having more than 1000 clients in two decades may not be huge for some companies, but for us having a family of more than 1000 clients is huge. Not more than 10% of our clients may had left us, but the rest 90% are extremely satisfied with our services.


RC Pest Control provide reliable service with a warranty for the next time. While you cannot be sure of complete clearance of bugs and pest for forever, we assure you with a warranty until your next service. 

Eco- friendly chemicals

While working for the health and hygiene is our priority, our mission is to work with eco-friendly chemicals. With our eco-friendly chemicals, we are doing our bit for the environment as well and not doing any harm to the nature. 

WHO Certified

RC Pest Control is WHO (World Health Organisation) certified. We do not only say it for the sake of saying, but we highly take care of the hygiene of our clients. Being a part of the WHO community, we make sure we work for the health of our clients

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